Thursday, September 22, 2016

And Then There Were Two

It was a beautifully serene afternoon. The sky was a vibrant orange/pink color with a hint of seductive grey, producing steady winds that occasionally sent chills up my body. As I mindfully walked down Eerie Street, past the forest, I couldn't help but gaze at its ominous beauty... so mystifying I surely believe that's how the street obtained its name. I checked my clock. It was about to turn 7:30, when the sun laid to rest and the nighttime opened up its eccentric beauty to our eyes.

Suddenly, as I approached my apartment building, The Victorian, a sudden and quite startling snap came from the electricity generator outside the building. Astonished, I ran inside to see the commotion of the situation. Standing with a flashlight, our concierge Ms. Davis was frantically jolting around the building searching for the router. I could see other guests hectically dialing for friends to offer up a place to stay the night, and others dashing for water bottles and mini fans to keep from heat deprivation. However alarmed I was, I maintained my sensibility and continued to my room without a fuss, grabbing a water bottle and flashlight.

Surprisingly, the elevator seemed to be in tact, therefore I pressed the elevator button and watched as is illuminated itself to a bright red color, signaling the up arrow. A few moments later, the chime sounded and I stepped inside the white marbled floor and pressed my floor number, 602. Suddenly I heard a large crashing sound and my entire confined space was engulfed in darkness.

Extremely nerve wrecked, I forcefully pushed the "help' button located below me however the entire system was crashed and I was in no luck. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath when suddenly I heard a faint whisper of my name. "Colette" it said. "Please help me". Confused, I looked below me in the small crack separating the floor from the elevator, but I saw nothing. Again the noise returned, slowly amplifying its volume. "Colette! We need you!" My heart was beating expeditiously, and before I could grasp my agitation, a cold, seemingly lifeless hand grabbed my shoulder from behind with a swift squeeze. My body turned abnormally cold and the color disintegrated from my body. Uncontrollably, I screamed as loud as my lungs would allow and I could feel the thousands of goosebumps arising on my body... no one could hear me.

The figure vanished, leaving me dazed and highly confused. I crouched in the corner of the elevator, pressed my back up against the cold wooden wall and recognized that I was once again alone.