Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Strike Out for Tragedy

I awoke to the sound of screams, only this time it wasn't from the other side. This was real life. I rushed to the window and saw sirens and people crowded around an intersection near across from Rainbow River. Confused, I rushed downstairs towards the scene of the accident.

An animal hospital vehicle was parked on the curb, surrounded by police officers and am ambulance.
A dog was tied to a tree, whimpering and howling, I recognized right away that it was Rory's. I began to hear EMT's conversing about the situation. "Looks like a young woman was hit by a car. Time of death is unknown". My heart sank and I suddenly fell short of breath. I noticed other neighbors coming to see what happened. What if this was all my fault? What if they're punishing my friends for not helping them sooner?

I ran for the cemetery, and as my breathing enhanced and my heart pounded to a more intense beat, I got glimpse of Rory. She smiled at me. Confused, I rubbed my eyes and tried to adjust my vision, but she stayed put. It's happening again. I noticed a leash in her hands, and without altering her facial expressions, she dropped the leash to her feet. She eventually vanished, and left the leash behind.

I walked towards the oak tree perched in the cemetery, and dug around the roots until I uncovered the turquoise necklace I'd so anxiously attempted to forget. It was all coming together now. If you haven't caught on, I am a medium, not by choice of course but nonetheless an inevitable characteristic. The problem is, I cannot help them the way they desire. I can barely talk to alive people. Their voices haunt me, their memories dehumanize me. After all this time, I decided I'd finally help them in a way I never thought before, I would set them free, by setting myself free.

I lay the necklace on the moist ground, and wrapped it in the Psalm I took from the Bible at the church pew. "Let me truly find rest in you lord". Without hesitation, I set it ablaze. "Amen" I whispered.

I walked back to the scene of the crime. I watched as Rory's body, now veiled in a white blanket, was  carried away. I walked on until finally, I saw Peter, tied to a tree. I crouched beside him, allowing him to smell the leash. Eventually he calmed himself, and I placed the leash on him. We walked away in silence. I noticed the whispers of others around me, but for the first time in what seemed like forever, they were whispers of the living. I smiled and took Peter home with me.
Moonlight Sonata

Sunset was already settling across the sky, and the park was extremely vivacious, in the midst of what appeared to be a festival. Despite my current antisocial domineer I decided to take a chance and get my mind off of the negativity surrounding me.

By the time I initiated enough courage to leave my room, the sun had already set and "The Little Mermaid" was about to be played on a movie screen. The stars slowly became visible, each individually presenting its own personality to the world. I noticed someone sitting on the stage next to  a piano. They began to play a familiar tune, Moonlight Sonata. Ironic seeing as the entrancingly blanched moon was beginning to make its appearance into the sky.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the piano music, for what felt like hours. The dissonance of the chords arrested my soul and kept me completely attentive. Eventually, the music ceased and I snapped back out of my trance. Apparently news of an upcoming lunar eclipse spread, and at 2AM everyone was to watch the magnificent and rare alchemy of the full moon.

I lay on the cold grass and glance at the sky, absorbing every beautiful moment of the eclipse. People always say discuss superstitions about the moon, especially during rare occurrences such as an eclipse, it's said to be a beacon for supernatural occurrences. I began to hear their voices and I decided to head home.

As I walked towards The Victorian, I passed by a very peculiar sight. What used to be St. Cecelia's was now an empty lot, leaving behind a single pew in the front lawn. I sat on the pew and closed my eyes, not even fazed by the fact that one of the biggest churches in the area had mysteriously vanished. I picked up a Bible from the shelf behind the pew and randomly selected a page. I opened to Psalm 32 that read:

Heavenly Father,
I come to you as the place I can hide.
Everywhere I go are people who remind me of my loss,
places that bring back memories,
events that should bring joy, but instead bring loss and grief.
Let me truly find rest in you. Amen.

Unfortunately I don't think I'lll ever find rest, not until they do.