Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dark Energy

 I find myself in a position of extreme water deprivation. Quite mysteriously, all our city's water has disappeared, leaving behind a barren wasteland of dehydration and frantic citizens. Luckily for me, I still possessed a small quantity of water bottles from the previous power outage...but not enough. This building truly is a hot spot for disaster, which was not included in the brochure I picked up before I moved in.

The moment I stepped outside, I felt as though I stepped into a Godzilla movie scene where everyone starts frantically running like chickens without heads... no doubt because of our current position. I decided to avoid back flow and possible collisions with other people resulting in injures by taking a side street passed St. Cecelia's Cathedral. As I walked down 114th Ave, I caught eye of the cemetery. I was so strangely drawn to it, almost as if it was my invisible magnetic field. Just as I was about to walk up to the old iron gate, I noticed a girl sitting on the lawn of the Cathedral, reading.

She seemed extremely content, which let me know we already had a similarity...neither of us mind being alone. I decided to take a chance and walk over, hoping to spark a conversation. I could feel the grass squish under my feet and my socks became damp, which bothered me. I got close enough to see the cover of her book "The Meaning of Stones, Stars, and Spells".

"Interesting title" I said. She must not have heard me coming because she jumped when I came up. Do you like fiction? I asked.  With a shy voice she replied: "I find it extremely informative. I don't believe in witchcraft. I like collecting stones...they've got a certain draw you know?". She must have noticed the turquoise around my neck because I could see her eyes light up with curiosity. "You's all about the energy" she said. I thought for a while, wondering how I could interact with her seemingly eccentric mind.

"My name is Nephele" she whispered.

Energy huh? Say, Nephele... do you believe in ghosts?

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